Show time: 2:30pm

The Early Music Studio Presents Clive Titmuss on lute, archlute, early guitar and Susan Adams on Italian harpsichord and early piano. The Italian spirit is fundamental to the history of music. Theyinvented the violin, the piano, and they developed the whole idea of music as a performance art over centuries, beginning in the 1500s. Even the words "music" and "concert" are Italian. Early Music Studio is celebrating this pioneering and adventurous flowering in music with a concert devoted entirely to music by Italian composers from around 1500 to the early 1800s.

The concert shows that our idea of music as a performing art has its roots in early Italian composers who innovated relentlessly over successive centuries, creating an entire repertoire of masterpieces. Their influence on composers in Northern Europe was incalculable, and almost every aspiring musicians training was based on Italian models.

It will be a full and fascinating program of highly unusual music, played with gusto by seasoned professionals who make their home in Kelowna, and who have carved out a reputation for unique early music played on period instruments public in the Okanagan

Ticket Price Adults $22.00 | Seniors & Students $20.00 (plus fees and taxes)